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Lion Scout: Ready, Set, Grow

In this Adventure Lion Cub Scouts learn about gardening and where food comes from. They also plant their own container garden. Lions in the jungle are always on the hunt for food; they have to spend much  of their time looking for something to eat. We need food as well so we can  grow big and strong. Real lions can’t grow a garden, but Lion Scouts can!  When the Lions learn basic gardening skills, they are learning a valuable way  to grow their own food. They are also developing a connection and seeing the  importance of the natural world.


Your Box

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Order The Adventure Box Now!

In the box your will receive:

  • Potting Soil

  • Spray Bottle

  • Vegetable and Flower Seed Variety

  • Sticks for Plant Markers

  • Personal Camp Table Set (Plate, Collapsible Cub, Knife, Fork and Spoon)

  • Plastic Bag (to line box with)

  • Ready, Set, Grow Adventure Belt Loop

  • Printed Lesson Guide

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