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About Our Camp

For families that aren’t able to attend Day Camp in person Backyard Scouting will allow you to experience the fun adventure of camp online. If you can’t come to camp this summer, we will bring camp to you! You’ll see pictures and virtual tours to help you set the scene in your imagination! You can click on each of the program areas in the Trail Map to see information on specific programs area as well as fun activities to do each day. You’ll even find a variety of bonus activities you can do to keep the fun going! 

When is Camp?

Your virtual camp experience will kick off with an opening ceremony. You may begin your camp adventure as soon as Monday, July 6. 

The program is designed to be flexible so you can work around your family’s schedule. Does a weekday camp during the day work best for you? Great! Jump on in the morning and start with a flag ceremony then you can pop in and out throughout the day to check out different activities at your own pace. Do evenings during the week work better? No problem! You can start your camp day at any time and you won’t miss an adventure! 

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