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Three Fires Council Virtual Cub Scout Dens

The Program

In light of the rapidly changing impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on our Families and our Packs, the Three Fires Council is setting up an alternative Online Cub Scouting program for each grade level. Using the Adventures in a Box program volunteer Den Leaders will offer remote support for families and Scouts so they can continue Scouting through this pandemic.  Cub Scouts who are already registered in a pack will maintain registered in their local pack. We do not want families to be faced with a decision to participate in Cub Scouting or not due to the current pandemic.  All Cub Scout parents and guardians can sign off on requirements for adventures. 

How it Works

Three Fires Council will provide a virtual den leader at each grade to hold bi-monthly virtual meetings. These meetings will utilize the Cub Scout Adventures in a Box program to help Cub Scouts earn an adventure every month. Council and district programing will be offered for families that are comfortable attending and for Cub Scouts who have a local active den they are encouraged to attend their activities in comfortable.  The virtual Den leader will provide the instruction and structure so that Parents or guardians can work with their child each month to complete an adventure.  All advancement will be recorded by the family in your ScoutBook account. This will allow you local den leader to see and recognize your progress. A parent must be present with their scout for the online Den Meetings.

How to Sign Up

 If you are interested in signing up for a virtual Den you must complete this INTREST FORM. If you are currently registered in a local pack you registration will remain there. If you are not currently registered in a Cub Scout pack you must register with the virtual pack. This will require you to complete a youth application and pay the current membership fee rate. 

I'm Interested in being a Virtual Den Leader

 If you are interested ion being a virtual Den Leader or Assistant CLICK HERE to view the job description or CLICK HERE to indicate you would like to talk more about the opportunity.

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