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Wolf Scout:

Running With the Pack

Do you know the part of the scout oath where we promise to do our best to keep ourselves physically strong? What do you think that means? What are some of the ways you keep yourself physically strong? Did you say exercise? Yes, that's part of it. Did you also say eating healthy? If so, then YES! You’re right. A healthy well balanced diet is a BIG part of keeping ourselves physically strong! Our bodies need the right fuel to give us the energy we need for all our scouting adventures!

As scouts one of the skills we learn is how to plan a nutritious meal, and we even learn skills to help us prepare or cook a snack or a meal for our den or our family! This month we are working on our RUNNING WITH THE PACK adventure. We will learn more about eating healthy and will even help plan a meal! If all this talk about food is making you hungry, then grab a snack and a water bottle and let's get started!


Your Box


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Order The Adventure Box Now!

In the box your will receive:

  • 2 Pieces of Sidewalk Chalk

  • 1 Tennis Ball

  • Balloons

  • 16oz Reusable Water Bottle 

  • Personal Camp Table Set (Plate, Collapsible Cub, Knife, Fork and Spoon)

  • Running with the Pack Adventure Belt Loop

  • Printed Lesson Guide

  • Printed Simple Start Guide to Healthy Eating

  • Printed Weekly Meal Planning Sheet

  • Printed Stay Active Dice Game

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Your Scouting adventure starts here! Cub Scouting is all about building confidence, communications and peer interaction skills in a fun and engaging small group environment.

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