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Webelos Scout:

Cast Iron Chef

YOU ARE WHAT YOU EAT! Do you know the part of the scout oath where we promise to do our best to keep ourselves physically strong? What do you think that means? What are some of the ways you keep yourself physically strong? Did you say exercise? Yes, that’s part of it. Did you also say eating healthy? If so, then YES! You’re right. A healthy well balanced diet is a BIG part of keeping ourselves physically strong! Our bodies need the right fuel to give us the energy we need for all our scouting adventures!

In this adventure, Webelos Scouts will learn about good nutrition, how to safely cook meals in the outdoors, and how to balance meal planning and finances.


Your Box


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In the box your will receive:

  • Fist Aid box for building your kit

  • First Aid Supplies Starter Kit: Band-Aids, gloves, gauze, antibiotic ointment

  • Ready to Help Card Game by Federal Emergency Management Administration

  • Tick Key Remover

  • Printed Lesson Guide

  • Printed Workbook

  • Printed Resource Guide

  • Printed First Aid Flash Cards

  • Printed Family Communication Plan

  • First Responder Adventure Pin

  • Orienteering Compass



cub scouts

Your Scouting adventure starts here! Cub Scouting is all about building confidence, communications and peer interaction skills in a fun and engaging small group environment.

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