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Lion Scout: Pick Your Path Adventure

A lion cub begins its life in a pride with other lions.  The pride is its family, whether or not they are related.  They all work together and help each other for the greater good of the pride.  The decisions the lion cub makes while growing up in the pride will be important in its life as an adult lion.  Likewise, the Lion Scout will be growing and making decisions that will affect relationships with family and friends.  Helping the Lion Scout understand about making good choices is a big job for all adults, but the end result--a happy, healthy Lion Scout--is worth it!


Your Box

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In the box your will receive:

  • Official BSA Good Turn Challenge Coin

  • 5 in 1 Survival Aid Tool

  • Pick My Path Adventure Belt Loop

  • Index Cards

  • Printed Lesson Guide

  • Printed Choice and Consequences Game

  • Printed Everyday Heroes Cards

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cub scouts

Your Scouting adventure starts here! Cub Scouting is all about building confidence, communications and peer interaction skills in a fun and engaging small group environment.

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