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Webelos Scout: Castaway Adventure

Survival skills are essential for anyone who might ever become lost in the wilderness - in a jungle, on a desert island, or yes, during a Scout hike or campout! This adventure teaches several of those skills to Webelos Scouts, preparing them to deal with emergencies in an outdoor environment.


Your Box


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In the box your will receive:

  • Flint Starter Kit

  • Fire Starter Kit (Vaseline, Cotton Pad and Tinder Bundle

  • 5 in 1 Survival Aid Tool

  • Emergency Blanket

  • Water Purification Tablets

  • Castaway Adventure Pin

  • Printed Lesson Guide

  • Printed Workbook



cub scouts

Your Scouting adventure starts here! Cub Scouting is all about building confidence, communications and peer interaction skills in a fun and engaging small group environment.

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